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Artz Centre Help GCSE Students

The Artz Education Team have been busy this week, helping youngsters prepare for their GCSE exam pieces. This is another way in which Artz are helping to impact the lives of young people.

Head of Drama Christine Smith had this to say:

“I chose Artz to support with this year’s Drama GCSE examination group due to their reliability, creativity and ability to motivate the students in previous workshops and projects. They did not disappoint! The students were preparing for Unit 3 (the examination performance) of the Edexcel Drama GCSE. Artz were commissioned to work with the students on their small group performances, create a lighting plan and manage the lighting and sound during the performances on the day of the examination.

Over a number of weeks Mark spent time with each small performance group; encouraging creativity, original ideas and directing the pupils to improve their performance skills. His team then redirected the school theatre lights, and created and rehearsed a lighting and sound plan with each group. On the day of the examination the technical aspects were professional, which created the appropriate ambience for the dramatic pieces and ensured that the pupils applied themselves to their roles with energy and commitment.

The students have benefited enormously from Artz input; working with professional practitioners inspired them and aided progress. Heeding guidance from an expert voice, unfamiliar from that of the teacher that they have been accustomed to, made them even more productive. For a teacher the extra support alleviated the stress of having to encompass all directorial and technical roles for the pieces. I would like to thank Mark and his team for their hard work and for the positive impact they had on the Drama students and their exam work.”

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