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Artz Students bring Oliver! to stage

To end what has been the Artz Centre’s busiest year yet, our drama students young and old banded together for our final production of 2018: Oliver!

The musical, based on the Charles Dickens classic of the same name, saw Junior and Senior students  tell the story of orphan Oliver (played by Juniors Ruby Chisnall and Leighton Kirwan) who after being sold to f uneral director Mr Sowerberry (Adam Ball) and his wife Mrs Sowerberry (Emily Perry and Abbie Bayley) escapes and falls into the clutches of Fagan (Aaron Ormesher), a conniving conman who turns young boys into pickpockets and sends them out to roam the streets of London.

It has been a massive production with a cast of 160 students take on the challenge of playing these iconic and beloved characters and bring them to life on stage at Lathom high school; which last held host to a production of Oliver 19 years ago, when Artz Centre director Mark Ashton himself played the role of Fagin as a student of the school. Each and every one of the cast worked tirelessly to perfect their characters before the show went to stage, but by closing night it was obvious that whether you were an ensemble member or lead role, there really was no such thing as a small part in this production.

Of course, no show is possible without a team of crew members to support the performances on stage. From lighting designers, to stage managers and to costume designers.  We have been fortunate to always have a team of creative and hardworking crew. The same can be said for during this show, when our crew offered up their spare time to create the dazzling lights, excellent set and stunning costumes that helped our performers shine on stage.


One element of Oliver that was unseen by the audience on the night, was the rehearsal process undertaken by the cast at the Artz Centre over the past 10 weeks. Scripts and pencils in hand, Artz students have flocked to the centre on various weekdays and Saturday mornings to explore their characters and develop their abilities as young performers. Quite possibly one of the biggest challenges for our dedicated cast has been playing characters who would have lived almost two hundred years before they were even born. However, this has proven to be a great opportunity for Artz centre students both young and old, to explore the history of Victorian England up on their feet through games, exercises and workshops.


For 6 members of the cast, Oliver also marked a special moment in their journeys with the Artz Centre. As 2 received their Chapter 30’s and 4 received their Chapter 15’s. Both are accolades many students aspire for; earned after performing in 30 and 15 shows respectively. These student’s headshots will now take their rightful place on the walls of the Artz centre, where they will join their fellow Chapter 30 and 15 holders, marking their efforts as hardworking, resilient role models to their peers.


With the stage disassembled, the costumes packed away and the cast and crew taking a well-deserved rest, the drawing to a close of Oliver marks the end of a truly jam-packed year at the Artz Centre, filled with moments that will be remembered by students, staff and parents alike for years to come. The Artz Centre will re-open its doors for what is shaping up to be an even busier 2019 on XX with all sessions recommencing that week. Our first event of the new year is already set with the 2019 Awards Night, a glamorous night to spend looking back on a year of amazing work done by our students, and crown a new set of award winners.

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