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Artz Students Take On Exam Show

Artz Students Take On Exam Show

The Artz Centre is eager to announce our first Exam Show: a highly anticipated production which will be showcasing the phenomenal skills and techniques of 40+ of our academy students.
The production will take place on the 7th and 8th of September; it will be assessed by an RSL (Rock School Limted) examiner whom will be grading many of our Artz Centre students from the infants, juniors and seniors ensembles. This means there will be amazing performances from students ages 3 – 20, performances which will be judged by their performers’ ability and understanding of dance, drama and singing.
The techniques that they will be assessed on have been influenced by major drama practitioners such as: Stanislavsky, Brecht, Artaud, Copeau and more!
The students partaking in this showcase exam will be awarded grades for the RSL Performing Arts Award which is equivalent to an AS Level in terms of UCAS points. This will give our academy students a definite edge in the competition against other performers their age in the greater North-West area.
At this Exam Show there will be showcased pieces of theatre from 15 separate musicals that come from a plethora of unique settings. For example, some numbers will be from Wicked, some from Newsies and even some from the acclaimed satirical comedy musical Urinetown!
You can come and watch the Exam Show at 7PM on the 7th and 1PM on the 8th at West Lancashire College’s Hope Theatre. The showings will last 2 hours each and will offer light refreshments before the shows and during intervals. Tickets cost £5 each and can be booked by calling 01695 733080 or by emailing tickets@artzcentre.co.uk, before seats run out!
For more information on other upcoming projects, productions and more please check out the production calender on our website here: http://www.artzcentre.co.uk/production-calendar/ or email us on info@artzcentre.co.uk.
Written by Yasmine Walker.


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