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Charlotte Steps into Recording Studio

At the Artz Centre we are always trying new things; and constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can offer to our students. This was clear once again, with the release of another Artz first: Our first self produced music video. 

This new project began, as an idea from current Student of The Year Joe Howard; who, enlisted fellow student and friend Matthew Alty, along with A-Level work experience student Hannah Rotheram, to turn his idea into a reality. The trio aimed to create a music video to showcase their technical abilities as young directors, producers, film-makers and technicians, and the final cut of the project is a testament to their initiative and creative prowess. The final piece of the project-puzzle, being Charlotte Moran, current Musical Student of the Year and focus of this, the first, Artz Centre music video.

Centre stage is certainly not an unfamiliar place for 16-year-old Artz Centre student, Charlotte. However, in March, she swapped the stage for the studio, as she took to the microphone with a stunning rendition of the Sia hit ‘Chandelier’. The audio and video of which was captured by Joe, Matthew and Hannah. The entire process from beginning to end, would rival that of professional recording studios’; including the filming, mastering and editing of Charlotte’s vocal. Charlotte, who in true fashion of any recording cover-artist, put a true unique spin on the Sia song, and as you can tell from the video below, the hard work of both artist and technical team, truly paid off.

This music video and project itself, are both part of a bigger funded programme that is currently being delivered by the Artz Centre; entitled ‘Off the Record’. Funded by the Big Lottery “Awards for All” Fund, this programme has encouraged local young singer songwriters to explore their style and grow as independent artists; all whilst providing a platform for these youngsters to discuss the stigmas associated with their home town and mental health. Charlotte’s music video session is the first of many tie-in media-based projects related to the ‘Off the Record’ programme; with many more of our local singer-songwriters planned to take to the studio, across the next month.

Joe, who directed Charlotte’s music video, said:

Being able to take on this piece of work, has been great has been a great experience for me, and I think it’s safe to say that we have all loved making this music video. Getting to work alongside Matt and Hannah in a professional environment like this one, meant having the chance to bond as a little unit; by the end of it, there was a uniaminous feeling of us all working on the same wavelength. Personally, I cannot wait to work with them again. I’ve also got a lot to thank Charlotte for, who recorded in the studio with us for hours, and trusted me to create a video that would do her justice. Every step of the process; from working with Charlotte to craft the visual that would suit the style and tone of her cover, to late night editing sessions in the studio with Matt, I have enjoyed and valued immensely”.

Our professional recording studio facility is available for public use, and we are extremely happy to see our own students taking up the opportunity. We hope that this is the first of many music videos to be produced through Artz centre and with our guidance. If you would like more information on using our recording studio facility, or are interested in having a music video of your own produced. Then please get in touch by emailing info@artzcentre.co.uk.

Don’t forget to check out Charlottes beautiful cover in the music video below!


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