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Drama and performance is arguably the most important skill we can develop, as it forms the basis for our whole personality, being able to express yourself is vital for your own emotional well being.

Artz Academy are drama specialists with years of experience in this complex subject. Our workshops cover a wide range of drama skills and techniques that combined with our unique teaching style creates a fun and informative experience for young people.

These workshops can be adapted for children as young as 4 years old as well as providing a challenge for those studying at degree level and beyond. Our intention is always to make students feel relaxed and comfortable about the challenges they undertake but to move them quickly into a more positive state of mind.


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Being able to change from one thing to another is a very useful skill in life not just on stage. Students focus on the main aspects of characterisation which are voice, movement, facial expression, body language and gesture.

Our characterisation workshops develop these skills, allowing students to transform into someone or something else often with amusing results.


Our ability to improvise is often as important as our ability to walk and talk. The ever changing nature of life means we are doing it subconsciously every day.

Our students are taught to think outside the box and understand that everything is possible on stage through improvisation. These workshops encourage creativity and expression and develop a students ability to adapt to what ever situation they find themselves in.


Artz Academy students are always being presented with the opportunity to perform as we feel that this is the best platform to develop skills. The performances act as an indicator for where students are on their journey and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

Performing is also great for a students self esteem and confidence, seeing a project through to the end gives them a great sense of achievement and creates great memories for them to look back on in time.

Being part of a production cast presents students with a feeling of unity but should not be taken lightly. The productions are ‘hard work’ and achieving the standards that are expected requires a lot of effort and dedication which some students are not quite ready for.


Movement plays a key role in most elements of theatrical performance and is a main focus during dance, drama and music workshops at Artz Academy.

Students are always encouraged to be expressive and open with their movement, use their arms and hands to aid their performance and consider the things they do that indicate shyness or weakness. This type of actors training is another very helpful tool that students will use in all areas of their life as well as their performance.


Our voice is probably our strongest form of communication and if used in the right way can motivate, teach and inspire others. Our students are taught a range of techniques that develop their voice and how they use it.

  • Voice Projection
  • Accent and Language
  • Diction and Clarity
  • Speed and Delivery

These workshops are designed to improve theatrical performance but naturally have a positive impact on a students ability to communicate.

Confidence and self believe allows individuals to deal with stressful or unexpected situations without losing their composure. We help our students to develop their confidence in order to take this valuable attribute in to their day-to-day lives,
The word discipline can be interpreted in many ways. Our students are taught the art of stillness and the impact it can have on their performance. Our bodies are not designed to be still and it takes practice and high levels of concentration to perfect.
Laughing at inappropriate times or letting your enemy see your weakness is something we are all guilty of at some point in our life. Our students are taught to control their emotions and turn negative energy into a really positive performance.
Respect is not necessary something that should just be paid upwards to elders and authority figures. We teach our students to respect their day-to-day environment, their friends, classmates and colleagues, but most importantly – themselves.