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In a Flash

The Artz Centre, the highly praised community arts-initiative based in Birch Green, recently celebrated the conclusion of its first fully-funded education project for 2018, a project made entirely possible by the Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner’s Community Action Fund.

The 6 week course, entitled “In a Flash” used the medium of photography and the creative arts to create a platform for a group of local young people to discuss and explore what “positive body image” meant to them. And ultimately, through this theme, the project allowed its participants to not only learn valuable photography skills and techniques but also consider the positive, negative and social impact of technology, photography and social media.

During the project, the young participants discovered that over 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day and 26 photos are uploaded to Instagram each second. With this in mind, at the Artz Centre felt it important that, should our young people choose to use and enjoy these social media platforms, they are educated and inspired to do so safely, with caution and for a positive outcome.

The “In a Flash” course concluded with an artistic “Open Gallery” style event, inviting the participants friends, families and members of the wider community to enjoy the work of the young people. The Commissioner himself, Clive Grunshaw, attended the event and commented:

“Without organisations such as the Artz Centre, fewer people would have opportunities such as this. As well as developing new skills it helps keeps them off the streets, meaning they are less likely to either become a victim of crime or get involved in crime, such as anti-social behaviour, themselves. It’s great to see the real difference being made through my Community Action Fund, supporting community groups in keeping their area safe and reducing crime.”


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