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Rehearsals may have been a super busy time for our two newest leading ladies, but I was able to catch them during the run-up to show week, to discuss all-things Elle!

Claire: Okay Elles, so tell me a little bit about the show, what is Legally Blonde all about?

Emily: Well, it’s all about Elle! *Laughs* …and her journey to prove to everyone that it isn’t all about your “looks”… Elle is smart on the inside too.

Claire: So does that mean she doesn’t seem smart on the outside?

Grace: Well she’s very flamboyant! And blonde! But actually, she’s been so misunderstood by everybody. She’s actually super intelligent. People need to see past the stereotypes!

Claire: And this is the first principle role that you have both auditioned for… and landed! How does that feel?

Grace: Aaaah, I’m so happy! It’s different, and weird, because I’ve auditioned for lead roles in the past and I’ve been knocked down, and I’m used to getting back up again. But this time I got it!

Emily: Yeah, it’s SO good! And it just makes me want to work harder. A lead role means more responsibility too, I feel like the whole cast will be looking up to me!

Claire: So tell me, what was that Elle audition really like?

Em: Traumatic, I lost my voice like, two days before it! But it was really good, but nerve-wracking. I just wanted this role so much!

Claire: Okay Grace, describe the audition in one word!

Grace: Enjoyable!
Claire: Wait, really?!

Grace: Yeah! I mean, it was a bit nerve wracking to begin with, but when I started to sing the songs I just felt so comfortable being Elle and in my element. I actually really let loose!

Claire: Would you both say then, that you are at all like our lead character, Elle?

Grace: Well, in some ways, I can be really bubbly and actually Elle’s really ambitious when it comes to her dreams. I like to think that I’m like that.

Emily: *Laughs* Well I’m not blonde! But I think maybe there’s a little part of me that’s like Elle. But really, I think my personality is more of a Vivienne!

Claire: And is Elle really as “pink” as she seems?

Grace: Definitely not. Pink may be her signature colour, but Elle discovers she has a different side… and you need to wait to find out what that is!

Emily: I agree! She’s not pink at all. In the beginning she might seem baby pink and fluffy, but then she gets her serious head on, she strives to reach her goal. That’s not so pink. Well, maybe she turns from baby pink to a hot, serious pink!

Grace: It’s the sliding scale of pink!

Claire: So, Elle aspires to be a lawyer when she gets out of college, you two are heading to college soon. What are you wanting to study?

Grace: I want to do A-Levels at John Rigby; in Drama, Music and Dance.

Claire: Oh wow you are going to have the best time, that’ll be hard work, but so fun!

Emily: And actually, I would love to study Spanish… And some sciences, I really want to be a Vet. Or a Spanish Translator!

Claire: Wow! And thinking about the past couple of months, has the rehearsal experience been like you expected?

Emily: Yeah, it’s been amazing! Every single scene we rehearse, I just love. It’s so much fun!

Grace: It’s definitely been amazing. But busy! Elle is in literally every scene. The ensemble have more time to watch and rehearse and perfect things, and I sometimes feel like I don’t know where I’m meant to be, or what entrance to use, my brain is just so crazy full!

Claire: And there are always tough times during rehearsals too, what have been your challenges as Elle?

Emily: I think I’ve been great at delivering the bubbly side to Elle, but when it comes to the serious, emotional, acting. That’s been tough! I’ve had to work on that a lot. And there has been SO many lines and songs to learn!

Grace: It’s been tough, and I think we’ve realised how important every tiny role in a show is. By being in the principle cast, you are much more aware of what else goes into the production. Every one has such an important part to play, and I think when you’re caught up in the ensemble it’s harder to see that.

Claire: On the topic of rehearsals, our last Drama show (Seussical) was a whole-academy production, what is it like to be back working as an all-senior cast?

Emily: I think we’ve got a really strong bond as seniors, we’re all similar ages and we’ve really been able to help each other with our weaknesses and celebrate our strengths, too!

Grace: It is great just concentrating on working together as seniors, we’ve grown so close, it sounds so cheesy but we really are just one big family. We really understand each other, and there’s always someone to talk to. It’s just really nice!

Claire: So tell me, what does Elle think of our director, Mark?

Grace: Well he is very direct. *Laughs* That sounds obvious. He’s a director! But I mean, there’s time for a laugh and a joke, but when it comes to getting the serious stuff done, he is so focused. Which is what we all need!

Emily: Yes! He’s very determined. He makes sure that we WILL get things done in the rehearsal time that we have. But that’s good!

Claire: And if you could play any other role in the show, who would it be?

Emily: Well, obviously Bruiser! *Laughs* No, I quite like the role of Brooke Wyndham, but also I think Enid! Definitely Enid. You could do SO much with that character!

Claire: Go on Grace, who would you play if no rules applied?

Grace: I’d actually love to play Callahan! I think you can’t get more of a polar opposite to Elle than that. He’s so weird. It would be great fun.

Claire: And last but not least, is there anything particularly special our audience should look out for in the show?

Emily: Aw it’s got to be the “Legally Blonde” song, I mean if you’ve watched our music video. It’s pretty special.

Claire: It’s a shame all four of you can’t sing it together in the show!

Grace: Oh and just WAIT until you see that end court scene… oooooh. It’s so good.

Claire: Our audiences sure are in for a treat! So girls, we will see you on opening night. All that’s left to say is… SNAPS!!


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