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MJ Solo

The next installment of Solo was back this month with the singing challenge tougher than ever. It was exactly 5 years to the day of the death of Michael Jackson that Artz Academy students put on two nights of entertainment to celebrate the pop legends music.

A career that lasted 50 years was condensed into two performances as students performed classic songs like Beat It, Billie Jean and Black Or White.

Vocal Coach Laura Keating had this to say;

I’ve been involved in all the solo events, and I must say this Solo was the biggest challenge so far…This is Michael Jackson!!! Need I say more…He was/is a Musical Genius!! We asked our students to take on songs from an iconic artist with a phenomenal vocal range and who is an amazingly gifted performer.

Each student understood the importance of making our audience believe in what they were singing, and ensuring they all told the story with every word, just like MJ did. However the one thing I must say is: Even though we asked our students to bring back Michael Jackson for one night. Every single one of them made it their own and stayed true to themselves. And I am so proud of them all.

Each time I arrive at a session I feel privileged to be able help them, guide them and share their experience.


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