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Skrabble – ABG

A complicated and very ambitious plan came together in two great nights of performance as Artz teamed up with the staff and pupils of Abraham Guest Academy. More than 60 students took part in a production called SKRABBLE, An original idea written by Artz Director Mark Ashton.

The sketch show tackled key issues that affect young people on a day to day basis and allowed the actors to explore a wide range of theatre styles. This was the first time in which a production like this had been attempted, where pupils of the ABG Academy where lead and supported by industry trained professionals from Ashton Artz.The cast only had 8 weeks in which to complete the project.

“This unique project highlighted what can be achieved when everyone shares a passion, I want to thank Abraham Guest for giving us the opportunity and want to congratulate the young cast on two excellent performances. Watching the students skills and confidence grow throughout the project made it all worthwhile for us.” Mark Ashton


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