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Artz Academy offer vocal workshops to students of all ages. These classes are designed to build confidence and develop singing techniques. The students explore a range of musical genres from musical theatre to classic rock to understand that variety of skills required to be successful in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Singing is the one thing that each and everyone of us do on a daily basis. Our classes are providing a platform for people to express themselves through music which is vital for a students personal development.

Student’s do not have to be great singers or have any prior performing experience. They just need to be passionate about music and be willing to work hard and embrace the new challenges that await.


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We want our students to enjoy singing and the way it makes us feel, but we encourage them to do it safely and protect their voices as much a possible. Students are taught classic techniques to warm up their voices prior to sessions.

Our workshops include techniques on posture and how to breath during vocal performance. Students are also guided through many exercises that improve diction and clarity.


Students are encouraged to take to the stage themselves, use their voice to convey their emotions and feelings and put themselves at the mercy of the audience.

For most of us this would be the most daunting of all tasks, but is often embraced by all of our singing students. Once they find the courage to perform alone it stands them in great stead for the future.

Workshops teach students how to command the stage during an up beat song or how to strip their performance right back to concentrate on lyrics and voice.


Our students are given the chance to perform as part of a duet, an exercise that teaches them many things about relationships in life.

They learn to work together as friends and overcome problems as enemies, they learn to respect each others strengths and support each others weaknesses. Having students support others is just part of the Artz Academy ethos.


All students must adapt to working in groups as large parts of our vocal workshops are about choral work. Students will understand harmonies and ensemble playing and support each other through challenging songs and productions.

There is a great atmosphere at all of our sessions as students and staff work together as one to achieve the best possible outcome.

Artz Academy students are always being presented with the opportunity to perform as we feel that this is the best platform to develop skills. The performances act as an indicator to highlight their strengths and weaknesses and gauge progress.
Confidence and self believe allows individuals to deal with stressful or unexpected situations without losing their composure. We help our students to develop their confidence in order to take this valuable attribute in to their day-to-day lives,
The word discipline can be interpreted in many ways. Our students are taught the art of stillness and the impact it can have on their performance. Our bodies are not designed to be still and it takes practice and high levels of concentration to perfect.
Respect is not necessary something that should just be paid upwards to elders and authority figures. We teach our students to respect their day-to-day environment, their friends, classmates and colleagues, but most importantly – themselves.