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Technical Theatre

Technical theatre is a major aspect of any production, which is often overlooked and forgotten about. However at Artz Academy we celebrate and foster the use of technical theatre as a pathway into the performing arts.

Artz Academy have a team of professional theatre technicians in several disciplines who offer hands on training and mentorship to those students looking to get involved behind the scenes of a production.

This training can be accessed by anyone regardless of age or level of experience from beginner to those studying at degree level and beyond. Offering this opportunity has allowed many of our students to grow their skill set and engage in a wider world of theatre.


Lighting design is an integral part of any theatre performance and can be used for a number of reasons ranging from creating atmosphere to adding special effects. Students who train in lighting design gain experience in the rigging and de-rigging of a production, learn how to programme and design lights and are offered the chance to control the lighting of a production live on the night.

Sound Engineering can be applied in many different ways such as live sound engineering, studio recording and music production. Our students have access to professional grade equipment, such as our own in house recording studio, where they can work on their own projects and develop their abilities and understand of sound. all whilst having access to advice and guidance from our team of technicians. We have seen students who take up this skill go on to be very successful and pursue it further at University.

Stage Management is a field that is growing in popularity as more and more people take an interest in role. We therefore give our students the chance to be a stage manager for our theatre productions which run throughout the year. We find that this job is often ideal for those students who wish to be involved in a show, but not play a character onstage and instead wish to be a team member backstage.

“Being a stage manager at an Artz Academy show was like nothing I’d ever done before. I learnt so much being able to run the show backstage and work with a huge cast of junior students. It was definitely hard work and took some getting used to, but I made so many memories that summer and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

– Artz Student

Thanks to our busy calendar we always have opportunities for aspiring makeup artists to create and execute designs for a huge variety of productions. One week a makeup artist may be finalising their concept for a fantasy character and the next they could be doing makeup for a Photoshoot or fashion runway. All of the training we offer is supported by accredited courses that run at several times throughout the year.

Photography is an art in itself, and at Artz Academy we encourage our photographers to practice their craft and find their creative style. One of the ways we help them do this is by offering a plethora of opportunities for them to learn and grow as photographers. As a result we now run multiple photography courses throughout the year, as well as workshops, masterclasses and 1 to 1 tuition in editing. Many of our student photographers now produce their own portfolios of work by taking photos at our productions, under the mentorship of experienced professional photographers.


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