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Upholland Academy Students take Centre Stage in Skrabble

This April, our Upholland Academy celebrated its first show of the year, “Skrabble – A Play on Words”. This original idea was created by Artz Director Mark Ashton to allow students to develop their performance skills. However, this time, the challenge of directing was handed over to two of our own students: Joe Howard and Abbie Bayley.

In just 10 weeks, the cast of Skrabble took the show to stage, and delivered some fantastic performances.

Co-Director Joe Howard, said:

“Getting the chance to direct Skrabble was an incredible experience. Going from being a peer mentor to being a director at the Upholland Academy certainly felt daunting, but it’s safe to say that the cast embraced Abbie and I as directors, and I will always be grateful for the trust that they put into us for this show. 

So the task was set, ten weeks to bring a show to stage. It was certainly a big challenge for us all since our last show took 9 months; and of course we wanted to push the cast to deliver even bigger performances than they had before. Every session was hyper-productive, with the cast arriving at session prepared to tackle anything we threw at them. It is because of their hard work and commitment that by opening night we had produced a show with memorable dances, ensemble pieces, monologues and more. 

The show was a chance for so many of us to learn. Not only was it myself and Abbie’s goal to push the cast to grow as both performers and people, but we also found, that by the end of the show, we had grown ourselves. For us it will be a show that we will always remember.”

Many of the Upholland Academy are now setting their eyes on Academic success as they enter their GCSE examinations. But it won’t be long before they’re back on stage doing what they do best…


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